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Rules to make TandbClip safe and fun for everyone

Share For Fun is the thinking of TandbClip. To ensure this few asic rules should be followed

We trust you to be responsible and respective to all other users. Here are the basic rules developed according to this principle. Please take them seriously and respect the spirit in which they were created.

If you do not follow these rules your account will be banned!

No pornography

Tandbclip is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. 

No violence, gory and harmful content

Don’t post or comment with violent, gory or harmful content.

No hate speech and bullying

We don’t support hate speeches and bullying on tandbclip.com

No spamming, manipulation and multiple account abuse

Avoid spamming, manipulation and multiple account abuse.

No deceptive content

Don’t spread wrong information. 

No personal and confidential information

Do not post personal information on posts.

No illegal activities

Content depicting or advocating illegal activity will not be tolerated.

No impersonation

You may not impersonate others (person, group or brand).

No copyright and trademark infringement

Respect originality and creativity. Give credit where credit is due.

Content and comment may be removed and account may be banned if fail to follow the above.

Tandbclip is house of fun so make fun and enjoy life!!!